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Gainesville Divorce Attorney

Simplifying the Divorce Process

Divorce/dissolution of marriage involves many difficult decisions about the things you care about most: your children, property and your finances. Having an experienced Gainesville divorce lawyer by your side makes the process less daunting.

Katherine E. Macdonald will strive to simplify the divorce process so you can focus on making the best decisions for your family. As an attorney since 1983, she is experienced in negotiating favorable agreements; however, if your case proceeds to trial, she has the extensive experience in litigated family law hearings. She will keep you informed every step of your case, and work with you closely so you will always know what to expect.

Katherine E. Macdonald will assist you with every step of the divorce process, including:

Equitable distribution: In Florida, there is a presumption that marital property and debts will be divided equally between the spouses as a starting point. First, property must be classified as either marital or separate property; then, its value must be determined. Katherine E. Macdonald frequently works with experts to determine income and property valuation.

Parenting plans and time sharing: The Florida courts no longer award "child custody" or "visitation." Instead, the courts order a parenting plan and time sharing. Shared parental responsibility for major decisions also is awarded unless it would be detrimental to the child's well being.

Child support: The court will determine the amount of child support you are required to pay or entitled to receive pursuant to the child support guidelines. she will help ensure that this amount is fair under Florida law.

Alimony: There are many different types of alimony in Florida. Judges have broad discretion when awarding alimony and will consider many factors, including the length of the marriage, the standard of living established during the marriage, the incomes and financial resources of each spouse and the needs of requesting spouse and the other spouse's abiltiy to pay. Whether you are defending against an alimony award or wish to pursue and alimony award, she can help you.

Attorney's fees: If one party is unable to afford legal fees in divorce, he or she may ask for the other spouse to pay attorney's fees. Katherine E. Macdonald represents individuals who are requesting attorney's fees as well as those who are defending against them.

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