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Guiding You Through Probate

When a loved one dies with or without a will, his or her estate must be settled through the probate administration process, which is the court-ordered process of transferring assets according to the will or Florida’s statutory intestate succession law. This process can be intimidating for those who have never been through it before and challenging if the estate is complex.

I am Katherine E. Macdonald, and I will guide you through the probate process in Florida. Since 1983, I have been helping clients in Gainesville and throughout North Central Florida complete the estate administration process in an effective and timely manner.

More Than 35 Years Of Experience With Probate

I have worked with Florida probate law for more than 35 years and I will assist you with every step of probate, including:

  • Admitting the will to probate
  • Appointing a personal representative
  • Administering the estate
  • Resolving any homestead issues
  • Locating heirs and dealing with missing heirs
  • Elective share matters
  • Final accountings

I am also prepared to handle any disputes that may arise regarding the validity of wills, trusts or other estate planning documents, including incapacity challenges, charges of undue influence and mismanagement of assets.

Is A Trust Involved?

If your loved one had a trust, there are still some legal procedures that must be completed before the estate can be administered. The successor trustee must sign an acceptance of his/her position as trustee, an initial trust inventory must be prepared, and in some cases, if assets were not transferred into the trust, a simple probate is necessary. I will prepare the deed to transfer the assets into the trust and work with the financial institution to ensure a smooth transfer of the assets.

Contact Me For Help

I provide experienced guidance for probate matters. I have been helping families for more than 35 years and I can help yours. To discuss your legal needs, contact me online or call 352-373-6323.