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For hands-on guidance in a wide range of family law matters, turn to my law firm, Katherine E. Macdonald, Attorney at Law. Since 1983, I have been assisting families throughout North Central Florida with their challenging family law issues.

A Commitment To Your Rights And Best Interests

As a family law lawyer in Gainesville with extensive experience in negotiation and litigated family law hearings, you can rest assured that I will vigorously protect your interests.

Look to me for assistance with:

Divorce: I will guide you through all aspects of the marital dissolution process, including equitable distribution, child custody, time sharing, parental responsibility, spousal support and child support.

Paternity: I help an unmarried parent be able to establish paternity and work out issues such as time-sharing, parental responsiblity and a parenting plan.

Fathers’ rights: Fathers can face an uphill battle when trying to continue or establish a meaningful relationship with their children. I represent both unmarried and divorcing fathers in issues of paternity, child support and child custody and time-sharing.

Parental relocation: I represent parents seeking to move with their child as well as parents opposing the move.

Modifications: If your circumstances change significantly after your final judgment, I can assist you in filing for a modification of child custody, visitation, time sharing or child support.

Enforcement and contempt: If the other party is not following the final judgment, I will assist you in filing a motion for enforcement and contempt of court.

Domestic violence: I represent both victims of domestic violence and those who have been wrongfully accused. I can assist you in filing for an injunction for protection against domestic violence or defend against a restraining order. I can also identify when domestic violence charges are being used to gain an upper hand in a divorce settlement and how to handle these situations.

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